cup-LogoThe choice of the Logo reflects the prime objective of CUP. Its foundation is the Child and care for children is its main service. The logo featuring a white coloured child holding a challenge cup in the centre of a black background depicts pulling less fortunate children from darker surroundings and giving light to their lives to create a happy, secure future. The Challenge Cup in the hand symbolizes the path of success, the child is led into through guidance and knowledge CUP provides – to be a Winner. The angled motion the child is placed denotes, the release of the child to a freer world empowered with independence, to make decisions. The ‘original’ Logo is created out of colarge-media using discarded scrap-material denoting the CUP spirit of putting to productive use ‘anything that others may no longer need’ – material such as USED Books & Computers.The motto ‘Let Us Care’ asks for permission to take care of and invites the world to join hands with cup to give care.