CUP 23rd Little Library

Created on 06 April 2013

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CUP successfully opened their 23rd Little Library with the students of Lak Aruna Foundation at Hingurukaduwa, Monaragala on 06th April 2013.The concept of Little Library is to enhance the ability of reading among children and also to encourage them towards creative writing.The member students of the library organized the opening ceremony and they were able to perform their talents to the gathering.Mr. Dinesh Perera, Mr. Sabeer Iqbal and Mr. Prasad Galhena are the key sponsors of this project.   Mr. Chinthaka de Silva and Mr.Ranjith Dissanayake also made donations, in kind to make this Little Library a success.  Mr.Roshan Gunawardena sponsored travel arrangements for CUP officials.

Mr.Janaka Srilal, Founder, Lak Aruna Foundation and the Staff with CUP Officials, Lal Saranapala, Harsha Gomes, Nadee Dissanayake, Nishanatha Perera, Sandil Munasinghe and Beverly Saranapala participated at this event.