CUPs 15th Little Library in Nikawehera – Matale District

Created on 04 March 2012


Nikawehera - one of the remote multi-religious villages due to its diverse ethnic mix of people originated and settled from various parts of the country.

Nikawehera Primary School is surrounded by students from 400 families in the area. From the warm welcome in the morning till the end with great farewell, the whole session was filled with Affection, Joy, Emotion and fullness from students and their families. The extreme support given by the teachers in the school was second to none.

This event was another successful approach by CUP to deliver great leaders to the nation and to the whole world.  Reading will not make you a better person; it will also enhance reading interest, develop great personalities, leadership skills and give opportunities for creative writers.

The whole event organized by the student and carefully monitored and guided by the teachers. Hence, “The Dream came true” having a Little Library was clearly depicts on everyone’s faces. Furthermore, the painting from students of their “Dream little library” was very emotional and focused.

The main sponsor LIC Lanka and its CEO addressed the gathering and mentioned the unlimited knowledge gain from reading books and how to use that knowledge to improve ourselves. He also reminded the value of reading. Jagannath, Ganesh Babu, Sal Barbutt, Anil Kumar and S.A.H. Mohideen also represented LIC Lanka.

Colombo East Rotary Club president, A.P. Jayarajah and few members also represented this event.

Ranjith Dissanayake joined with CUP donating a name board. Harindranath Chandrasiri, and Charitha Dissanayake also donated books to the Library. Roshan Gunawardana extended his kind support providing transport facility to the team.

From the CUP; Lal Saranapala- President, Harsha Gomas – Vice President, Nadee Disanayaka – Secretary have participated and members Beverly Melder and Mr Manjuma Salgadu fell in with CUP officials.

Finally Mr K. Kulatunga, The Principle of the Nikawehera Primary School concluded the ceremony by explaining the opportunities available for the students and their parents from this Little Library Project and how to widen this any further.