ANC donations for the Sirinanisuru Little Library - Ratmalana

Created on 31 January 2009


The Little Library called Sirinanisuru at Ratmalana which was founded by the CUP is developed by the students of the American National College (ANC).The ANC Group made their preliminary visit this library on 23rd November 2008, and donated story books and a lot of other materials. With a great sense of understanding of the children’s capacity coupled with a keen interest on the ability of children creating their own story books, the ANC funded to conduct a series of work shops for the children who are members of the library, towards enhancing their reading, writing and literary skills.


The ANC Group engaged themselves this event as a partial requirement for the fulfilment of their project assignment necessary to complete their final examination at the University. They were able to collect the required expenses for the event by conducting a fund -raising event called “Paint Ball” at Excel World on 30th November 2008.

The 1st workshop was conducted at the Ratmalana Sunday School on 4th January 2009, for   a batch selected) 30 children, especially selected and who are also members of the library. While the workshops were conducted by the CUP Officials, Mrs. N.T.A. Dissanayake and Mr. Harsha Gomes, Ms. Hasini, Ms.Sinthu, and Mr. Sunil were also there to assist them.

The 2nd workshop was held on 1st February 2009. The ultimate aim of this series of work shops was to educate children to creatively write up their own story books and present them to the public through the print media. It is expected that, with the earnings of this project the children will be able to maintain a sustainable process of continued creations on their own annually.

Donors who are interested in helping these Children, in any manner are warmly welcome.