Singithi Pothgula at Rathna Arama

Created on 29 December 2007

The concept of “Singithi Pothgula” (little library) was introduced by CUP, in order to improve the reading habits among children. This is the 3rd library project done by CUP.

The introductory program for the library leaders was held at Rathna Arama temple by the CUP Team on the 30th of December 2007. During this session, the leaders were given awareness on how to start a library, how to overcome difficulties, what is expected from them as leaders by CUP, how to obtain more marks to be the best library, and how to use the knowledge that they gain through this project.

At the end of this three month project, the children will be able to start a common library for the children of the area with the support of CUP.