CUP 29th Little Library

Created on 01 June 2014

neethaThe 29th Little Library of CUP was opened at Neeththa Vidyalaya, Ampara on 1st June 2014.

The main objective of setting up this library is to enhance the interest in reading among young learners and ultimately to create child writers. About 100 school children would benefit from it at the initial stage.

The setting up of the library was done with a difference this time. There was a theme associated to the library. The theme was the Human – Elephant conflict. Students were given the opportunity to think how this valuable unique species could be protected whilst protecting themselves. An art competition was held to enable students to display their creative drawings depicting this theme and the winners were awarded.

The project was sponsored by Mrs. S. Weerasooria.

Mr.U.D.Upasena, the principle of Neeththa Vidyalaya and the Staff, CUP Officials – Harsha Gomes(Vice President), Nadee Dissanayake (Secretary) & Nishantha Perera (Assistant Treasurer) participated at this event.