31st Little Library at Ikiriyagoda - Badulla

Created on 06 September 2014

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Children’s Upliftment Programme (CUP) opened its 31st Little Library at Ikiriyagoda KanishtaVidyalaya, Keselpotha, Mapakadawewa, Badulla, benefitting close to 200 students in the school 06th September 2014.

In accordance with CUP’s new concept, the theme associated with this library was ‘Importance of Education’ - A timely topic to address continuous school dropout rate and lack of attention given for education; and to motivate parents in encouraging their children towards better education.

A competition was held using recyclable items to enable students to display their creative ideas and create environment awareness. The best creations were selected and the winners were awarded.

An awareness programme through a video presentation was held and posters were distributed with the intention of educating the children, and minimizing the school dropout rate.

At the end of the presentation, colourful balloons were released to the air by each student with a tag mentioning their future ambition.

This project was sponsored by MillenniumIT, Mrs.S.Weerasooria, Dr.Thilina Wanigasekara, Ms. Arosha and Mr.Roshan Gunawardana.

The Principle, Mr.Samathilaka Herath, representatives of MillenniumIT and CUP Officials, Mr. Harsha Gomes, Mrs. Nadee Dissanayake, Mr. Nishantha Perera, Mrs. W.P. Kalyani and Mrs. Damayanthi Perera were present at this event.