CUP 35th Little Library at Iranapalei School, Mulathivu

Created on 31 May 2015

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Children’s Upliftment Programme (CUP) opened its 35th Little Library at Iranapallei Tamil Mixed Government School. Approximately 250 students in the school will have access to reading.

This project was sponsored jointly by Meers Chaminda Udamalagala and Shanil Senerath.

The beneficiaries enjoyed a Tamil Children’s movie which focused on the value of respecting adults especially parents .

Special thanks goes to Colonel Sanjaya Wanasinghe - Brigade Commander Pudukkuduirippu, Manjula Liyanawaduge, Lal Saranapala, L Velu and Roshan Gunawardana for their contribution in many different ways to make this event a success.

CUP Officials, Harsha Gomes, Nadee Dissanayake, Nishantha Perera, W.P. Kalyani, Damayanthi Perera and Inoka Anthony were present at this event.