Singithi Sithum 2007

Created on 03 September 2007


Singithi Sithum is a competition organized by CUP for school children below the age of sixteen, published in the children’s page of the Rivira Sunday newspaper. During this two month project, three best entries would be selected weekly.

Singithi Sithum is designed with the aim of improving the values of children and encouraging them to have a humanitarian aspect in their thinking.


Nawa Sithuvili 2007 winner with a CUP official

Created on 01 September 2007

A CUP official Mr. Prasanna Amaratunga visiting a Nawa Sithuvili - 2007 winner at her home in Kuliyapitiya.


Health is wealth

Created on 31 August 2007

CUP is organizing a one day clinic for children of low income earning families; to be held on the 1st of September from 9 AM to 3PM at the Rathna Arama Temple, Kalinga Watta, Polhengoda, Colombo 5. 

Nearly 80 children below the age of 16 will be examined by an ENT, Eye and Dental surgeon and a General Practitioner respectively, who would be volunteering their services for this clinic.


Nawa Sithuvili 2007

Created on 17 August 2007

‘Nawa Sithuvili 2007’, the prize giving for the 29 finalists of the three month creativity program conducted in collaboration with Mihira children’s newspaper will be held on the 18th of August 2007 from 2PM to 4PM at the Victoria Masonic Temple in Kolpetty.


Sisu Diriya

Created on 17 August 2007

The first two flowers to start blooming through the Sisu Diriya Fund
Mr.Gamini Heraliyawala and Ms. Manjulie Hettigama became foster parents for Mahesh and Asra. Their first meeting was happened at Victoria Masonic Temple, Kollupitiya on 18 August 2007.


A Best Practice of Sharing

Created on 29 June 2007
A “Charitable Activity” done at Hiripitiya Children Home on poya day of 2007. This was an event design to motivate children towards better future with the change of their mind. A massive crowd enjoyed the cool drinks & biscuits served by the children with the support of the CUP Team. End of the event the talents of the children were shown with “Poson Bathi Gee”. The children were really enjoyed with this event.

Vesak Evening at Hiripitiya Children's Home - Kottawa

Created on 30 April 2007
An art competition was held on 1st May 2007, for the resident children. The evaluation and appreciation of the event was done on the same day.

Singithi Pothgula - 2007

Created on 16 February 2007
This was a project to inculcate the habit of sharing among them and to gain knowledge by borrowing and reading the books from their own library. The Vishwa Pradeepa (Dambadeniya) library won the first place.

Dettol Punchi hapannu - 2006

Created on 31 March 2006
This was a creativity programme published in children’s news paper, “MIHIRA” requesting children to participate by forwarding an essay on the given cartoon. The programme was continued for three months.

The First Project of CUP with Tsunami Affected Children in Hambantota

Created on 31 December 2005


The CUP organized a project on designing picture postcards to bring in new hopes among the children who faced a traumatic experience by the Tsunami disaster.


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