Little Library - Singithi Pothgula




To improve the reading habits among the children
To teach library science
To educate children to create their own story books
To teach children best practices (i.e. team work, organizing, sharing)

How to start a Little Library?

  • Select a place and children
  • To raise the awareness of children on how start a library, How to maintain, how to collect books, how to prepare library cards, and categorization of books
  • Distribute a print media guide and do a presentation to give more knowledge
  • Evaluate monthly based on their reports
  • Quarterly monitoring and field visits
  • Conduct workshops to develop children's reading, writing, and drawing skills
  • Conduct competitions among the libraries to select the best library

Sisu Diriya Scholarship Scheme

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To assist needy school children in their studies
To help talented school children to improve in their studies
To give a hand to uplift desperate children of those who have lost their fathers (soldiers) due to the war


  • Select school children - age below 18
  • Select interested donors

Details to be collected:

1. Photograph of the student
2. Certificate from the Gramasewaka
3. Certificate from the School Principle
4. A request letter from the guardian of the student
5. A copy of the latest term test result sheet
6. Copies of certificates of extra activities (if available)


Free IT Learning Centres for the School Children


To improve the IT literacy among children
To give opportunities to enhance the English knowledge of the children





  • Select a place and students
  • Call applications from the students
  • Select suitable lecturers who are residents in the area
  • Design the Course content and the text books
  • Find donors to start the project
  • Organized the project