Little Library - Singithi Pothgula




To improve the reading habits among the children
To teach library science
To educate children to create their own story books
To teach children best practices (i.e. team work, organizing, sharing)

How to start a Little Library?

  • Select a place and children
  • To raise the awareness of children on how start a library, How to maintain, how to collect books, how to prepare library cards, and categorization of books
  • Distribute a print media guide and do a presentation to give more knowledge
  • Evaluate monthly based on their reports
  • Quarterly monitoring and field visits
  • Conduct workshops to develop children's reading, writing, and drawing skills
  • Conduct competitions among the libraries to select the best library


The Little Library concept was first implemented among the winners of Detol Punchi Hapannu, a project one by CUP. The children were educated to start a new library on their own with in a given time period.  CUP was able to assess the progress of the libraries evaluating the monthly reports, along with observations made during field visits.

The objective of the project is to inculcate the habit of sharing among them and to gain knowledge by borrowing and reading the books from their own library. Out of five little libraries the Vishwa Pradeepa (Dambadeniya) library won the first place. The second and the third places won by the Sarana Bosath Lama Pothgula (Ragama) and the Tikiri Pothgula (Rathnapura), respectively.

The best three dummy libraries were selected by the professional librarians following the below criteria.

a)  Creativity
b)  Organizing
c)  Leadership and team work
d)  Resource utilization
e)  Acquired knowledge/experience
f)  Presentation skills

Expected outcome

  • Teamwork
  • Improve creativity
  • Leadership
  • Sharing resources
  • Capacity building
  • Develop reading as a habit 


The final event was successfully completed with the help of the local donors. The prize giving was held at the Masonic Temple - Kollupitiya during the afternoon of  17th February 2007  during the afternoon of.The second little library competition was held with children at the Maradana Sri Bauddharamaya in the month of June 2007. The given period was three months. The participants were selected from the project done by CUP, capacity building program.