Sisu Diriya Scholarship Scheme

Created on 25 August 2010

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To assist needy school children in their studies
To help talented school children to improve in their studies
To give a hand to uplift desperate children of those who have lost their fathers (soldiers) due to the war


  • Select school children - age below 18
  • Select interested donors

Details to be collected:

1. Photograph of the student
2. Certificate from the Gramasewaka
3. Certificate from the School Principle
4. A request letter from the guardian of the student
5. A copy of the latest term test result sheet
6. Copies of certificates of extra activities (if available)


  • This Scholarship Scheme was started in 2007
  • 117 students were benefited under this scholarship Scheme and currently 67 students are receiving the scholarship.

Important notes:

  • Donors could communicate with the Donnie through Children's Upliftment Program (CUP) web site
  • Maximum Scholarship is LKR 1,500/= and the minimum is 750/= (this is decided by the donor)
  • Donor could visit the Donnie with the permission of the Children's Upliftment Program (CUP) Officials
  • Donor could send gifts to the Donnie through the Children's Upliftment Program (CUP) Officials

Click here to visit list of Sisu Diriya beneficiaries and more details.

Sisu Diriya Beneficiaries