What is CVI?

Cerebral Visual Impairment or CVI is an umbrella term for brain-related problems with vision. Children with CVI, have difficulty of seeing the world around them and this can cause avoidable mental health problems like anxiety and low self-esteem.

Our Goal

How best we could support CVI

What we do?

  • Set up CVI therapy Units for children at National Hospitals
  • Organize awareness programmes for Doctors, Therapists and Nurses regarding CVI


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A Place for Your Talents child repoter
Are you dreaming of being a reporter or an editor? If you have good writing skills and a passion for reporting, come join us! Report your regional news to - CUP CHILD REPORTERS’ CORNER

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postal mail: CUP Organization, No.18, Turbo Houses, Pitawella Road, Boralesgamuwa
SMS:  0718601560

This project will; create your own identity, give an opportunity to develop literacy skills, give job opportunities, provide experience, bring self satisfaction and What More - chances to win prizes!!

Join us and display your talents!

childwyEncouraging children to create a story book of their own will give them an enormous confidence boost, it will also help to consolidate their literacy by putting the phonics, grammar and reading skills they have into practice.

CUP “Child Writer Project” helps to create a culture in ‘writing and a drawing’ among the beneficiaries of their “Little Libraries”.

Come join us to create child writers and make opportunities to expand their existing library with the proceedings of sales of their own story book and give them due identity.


To improve the reading habits among the children
To teach library science
To educate children to create their own story books
To teach children best practices (i.e. team work, organizing, sharing)

How to start a Little Library?

  • Select a place and children
  • To raise the awareness of children on how start a library, How to maintain, how to collect books, how to prepare library cards, and categorization of books
  • Distribute a print media guide and do a presentation to give more knowledge
  • Evaluate monthly based on their reports
  • Quarterly monitoring and field visits
  • Conduct workshops to develop children's reading, writing, and drawing skills
  • Conduct competitions among the libraries to select the best library


The Little Library concept was first implemented among the winners of Detol Punchi Hapannu, a project one by CUP. The children were educated to start a new library on their own with in a given time period.  CUP was able to assess the progress of the libraries evaluating the monthly reports, along with observations made during field visits.

The objective of the project is to inculcate the habit of sharing among them and to gain knowledge by borrowing and reading the books from their own library. Out of five little libraries the Vishwa Pradeepa (Dambadeniya) library won the first place. The second and the third places won by the Sarana Bosath Lama Pothgula (Ragama) and the Tikiri Pothgula (Rathnapura), respectively.

The best three dummy libraries were selected by the professional librarians following the below criteria.

  1. a)  Creativity
    b)  Organizing
    c)  Leadership and team work
    d)  Resource utilization
    e)  Acquired knowledge/experience
    f)  Presentation skills

Expected outcome

  • Teamwork
  • Improve creativity
  • Leadership
  • Sharing resources
  • Capacity building
  • Develop reading as a habit 

sisu diriya logo newObjectives

To assist needy school children in their studies
To help talented school children to improve in their studies
To give a hand to uplift desperate children of those who have lost their fathers (soldiers) due to the war


  • Select school children - age below 18
  • Select interested donors

Details to be collected:

  1. 1. Photograph of the student
    2. Certificate from the Gramasewaka
    3. Certificate from the School Principle
    4. A request letter from the guardian of the student
    5. A copy of the latest term test result sheet
    6. Copies of certificates of extra activities (if available)


  • This Scholarship Scheme was started in 2007
  • 117 students were benefited under this scholarship Scheme and currently 67 students are receiving the scholarship.

Important notes:

  • Donors could communicate with the Donnie through Children's Upliftment Program (CUP) web site
  • Maximum Scholarship is LKR 1,500/= and the minimum is 750/= (this is decided by the donor)
  • Donor could visit the Donnie with the permission of the Children's Upliftment Program (CUP) Officials
  • Donor could send gifts to the Donnie through the Children's Upliftment Program (CUP) Officials







The Children’s Upliftment Programme (CUP)

CUP was founded in May 2004 with the primary objective of building up the future of the younger generation of the country.


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