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CUP Opens the 27th Little Library

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The 27th Little Library was inaugurated by CUP on 27 February 2014 at Hinnarandeniya, Sri Pragnawansa Damma School of Sri Bodhirajaramaya in the District of Kandy.

The main sponsor of the event was Nithyakalyani Jewellers, Wellawatta. This project was co-ordinated by the Rotary Club - Colombo East. Also, Roshan Gunawardana extended his kind support to make the event a success.

Around 360 children resident in the area and children attending the Dhamma School of the above temple will benefit by the library facilities.

Saifudeen Adamally, the president Of Rotary Club and the members and A.P.Jayarajah, CEO of Nithyakalyani Jewellars and the Staff participated in the event.

The CUP officials who participated in the opening ceremony were Harsha Gomes - Vice President , Nadee Dissnayake - Secretary and Nishantha Perera - Assistant Secretary.

The Children’s Upliftment Programme (CUP)

CUP was founded in May 2004 with the primary objective of building up the future of the younger generation of the country.


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