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Library for Ashokapura Village in Naththandiya

The Children's Upliftment Program opened its 41st little Library in Ashokapura Naththandiya on the the 10th of August. The library was opened in Memory of late Rajiv Dissanayake, Rajiv was dedicated donor and a committed supporter of the Children's Upliftment Program for many years. The Little Library was funded by the Dissanayake family together with help of Mrs Rani Weerasuriya.

The event was attended by many CUP officials and local government officials all who worked tirelessly to make this project take flight. The vision and mission the little library project is to instill a love for reading and books among children. Children from various youth groups from the surrounding areas organized a cultural and musical show for the guests and many young children showcased their wonderful talents. The event was a resounding success with children and parents attending from far and wide.

The Children’s Upliftment Programme (CUP)

CUP was founded in May 2004 with the primary objective of building up the future of the younger generation of the country.


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