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Little Santa - 2021

CUP organized the “Little Santa Competition” for the children. The project’s key objective was to give children opportunities to enhance their creative ideas while developing presentation skills during the Christmas season. The theme of the competition was “Santa’s kindness.” The winners were selected in different mediums such as Sinhala, Tamil, and English by experts.
A total of 127 participants four were selected as winners. Due to the pandemic, there was no physical award ceremony, but the certificates of appreciation and awards were sent to the winners’ mailing addresses.

A special appreciation goes to Asset international (Pvt) Ltd, Mrs. Hemamali Sirisena, Mr. Jude Condrad, and Mr. Lal Saranapala for their generous support to make the competition a success.
Pix Left to right : M. Chamodya Kaushani Peiris (Rotary International School-Nugegoda), M.W. Sandasu Vindila Mandalawaththa (Litlo Preschool-Kelaniya), W. Dulani Dinethma (Rathna Pradeepa Primary School-Madurankuliya), P. Lawnish (Highlands Central College-Hatton)

The Children’s Upliftment Programme (CUP)

CUP was founded in May 2004 with the primary objective of building up the future of the younger generation of the country.


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