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20121201The concept of "Singithi Pothgula" - Little Library was introduced by CUP, in order to improve the reading habits and the creative writing among children. The 19thLittle Library project embarked upon by CUP was established at Alankulama, Anamaduwa in the district of Puttlam. The children of the area will become the reader members who would immensely benefit from this little library.

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Madhuka Priyashan is studying in grade ten, Takshila Maha Vidyalaya, Horana was selected for CUP Sisu Diriya Scholarship. He is sponsored by CUP Sisu Diriya Scholarship Programme with the support of Trelleborg Private Limited for his education.

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Even though it’s the 17th experience for CUP and 1st for the people at Kanadulla, everyone enjoyed the meaning of “Given and Taken” at its best.

The entire project is for the local children and the Lama Samajaya were highly involved and their parents who are municipal council workers also participated. Majority of the families are represented by Tamil community.

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As it always has been and will be, CUPs navigation through ever corner in the country where children in need of a library had been a “Dream come true” at Handapangoda Sri Sumanajothi Sunday School on 25th March 2012.

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She can be a lawyer in the future. That is her only ambition. Little Inoka Damayanthi, Grade ten at Handapangoda Navodya Maha Vidyalaya, is a talent athlete and an announcer . She was sponsored through CUP Sisu Diriya Scholarship by Mr Suresh Kumar. Inoka’s first instalment handed over by Sutharshini Navarathnaraja sister of Mr Suresh Kumar’s.

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Two lives ware changed forever: Mr Suresh Kumar’s and the life of his sponsored child little Yasiru Jayashantha’s who is currently studying grade seven at Royal Collage, Horana. Yasiru successfully got through his grade five scholarship in Karandana Vidyalaya, Rathnapura and was selected to Royal Collage.

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Mr Sunil Lakshmanasinghe created a real and lasting change when he decided to sponsor little Gihan Senarath in grade six who is schooling at Royal Collage, Horana. Gihan is gifted with talents such as Drawing and reading. He has been participated and was awarded in many occasions and more to go. In addition to that, little Gihan’s big ambition of becoming a doctor drawn in some emotions on everyone’s faces at the event.

The Children’s Upliftment Programme (CUP)

CUP was founded in May 2004 with the primary objective of building up the future of the younger generation of the country.


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